The idea of NKD was thought up after a conversation with an Australian veteran from my gym. The statement “No Cunt Died” was used by him to answer others who asked “How did  the training go?” or “How hard was it?”. It was his answer to me the day I asked, “How did you go?” after the WOD we just finished. 

WOD’s are always hard, but no KUNT dies (normally). 

Most of my life I’ve been involved in the gym.  If I wasn’t training for the Marines in my early life then it was bodybuilding style training, strongman, powerlifting, and  now CrossFit. Fitness and heavy lifting have been apart of my life since I was 16. But so has hard work and the determination to never fail. NKD fit my mental strengths, perseverance and how I try to attack everyday life. 

We all know life’s a bitch. It’ll hit you with a “left and a right” as fast as Mike Tyson. If it doesn’t kill you then you have to keep marching to the beat of it’s drum.  

Our team at NKD represent this mindset

EVERY shirt at NKD displays  the Australian flag. This is our way of paying respect to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice while also showing our appreciation to those veterans past and present. We thank you for your service. Semper Fi. 

We hope you enjoy our clothing and don’t worry, the “K” word has been buried on the scythe so none of your civilized friends will see it. 

© NKD. All Rights Reserved.

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